Star Wars Rumor Alert: Harrison Ford is open to reprising his role as Han Solo

This may be a pretty big rumor, but it's one worth mentioning, me thinks.

So here's the deal: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Harrison Ford is open to returning to the role of Han Solo. However, the news comes from a "highly placed source." Basically it's just there to tease us and when we confess our love for the idea, it will only reply, "I know."

After getting through the article they wrote on said rumor, it says that Ford will only consider doing it when a.) there's a script b.) there's a director and c.) he gets paid a decent amount. While Ford does have a certain amount of happiness over being involved, he never understood the character of Han Solo and wasn't too shy about his feelings on the subject. In my opinion, if we've learned anything from Harrison Ford, he could give it a big f*ck you and be perfectly content with that. Ford does things on his terms, as he's become a little more outspoken (to say the least) in his old age.

There are no other details in the article, other than a rehash of what little you've already learned about the upcoming EPISODE VII.

Han Solo was one of my first big crushes, so to see him return even at 70 years of age would still rock my Millennium Falcon. But until we get an official word from him or his people, all we can do is say 'yay' or 'nay' on the possibility.

Source: EW



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