Star Wars rumors...

Is George Lucas planning a third trilogy of STAR WARS movies (like he originally intended decades ago, and then denied he ever said it)? That's what Marketsaw claims they've heard from a "trusted source".

If that news makes you flinch with flashbacks of dodgy CGI, Temuera Morrison armies and winning dialogue such as "Hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo," this new rumor goes even further and claims that Lucas would only produce these films, while longtime companions Steven Spielberg (!!!) and Francis Ford Coppola may call the shots behind the cameras.

And what's more, they'll be in 3D! Supposedly Lucasfilm is watching to see how AVATAR performs, and Lucas himself wants to wait until 3D screens hit a magic figure of 5000 before plunging back into his franchise and creating clever new characters like Darth Heinous, Lord Fearsome, and a wacky comic relief alien named Li'l Testy. One assumes.

But wait... those party poopertroopers over at AICN went straight to Lucasfilm for verification, and received an official denial from the PR droid on duty. Which, of course, is both expected and meaningless, since if there's any truth to the rumor, they're surely not going to announce anything until they're ready. And at a place like Comic Con.

So for now, perhaps we should encase this rumor in carbonite -- Lucas is currently jowl-deep in the STAR WARS live-action TV series, so even if another theatrical trilogy ever comes together, it's many years and at least one galaxy away.

Extra Tidbit: Good idea? Bad idea? Bullshit no matter how you slice it?
Source: MarketsawAICN



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