Stardust not an R

Stardust About a week and a half ago, a schmoe caught a small Hollywood Reporter item claiming the upcoming Matthew Vaughn-directed fantasy adventure STARDUST, an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman story of the same name, had been given an R-Rating apparently due to "risque humor and fantasy violence", which did give us pause but certainly had us curious as to exactly what kind of humor and fantasy violence the MPAA would deem R-Rated. That and the word "risque" immediately had us thinking "Boo yah, baby, Michelle Pfeiffer gets naked!!" Hey, that's just how we roll. In any case, this whole rated R business didn't sit particularly well with schmoe Martyn who did a little of what them journalist folk like to call investigative reporting and received word from the MPAA itself that STARDUST is, in fact, not R-Rated but still firmly planted at PG-13. More specifically, they mentioned: "STARDUST, 2007 was rated PG-13, Paramount Pictures was the distributor. This film was never brought in for a R-Rating. There is a STARDUST that was rated R in 1974, distributor was Columbia Pictures. It appears that Hollywood Reporter information is incorrect." Oooh, snap! Take that Hollywood Reporter! Guess that settles that. STARDUST opens August 10th.

Extra Tidbit: According to Wikipedia, there's about thirty things named "Stardust".
Source: JoBlo.com



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