Starz has already renewed Ash vs. Evil Dead for a third season

Ash vs. Evil Dead third season Bruce Campbell

Continuing the blood-filled shenanigans of Ashley Williams (Bruce Campbell) on television didn't exactly strike me as the best idea, but damn if the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead didn't wind up being a completely gruesome and totally absurd good time. The second season of the Starz series debuted this past Sunday and Deadline reports that they've already renewed it for a ten-episode third season which will premiere next fall.

The second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead finds the formidable gang of Ash (Bruce Campbell), Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago) leave behind Ash’s beloved Jacksonville and return to his hometown of Elk Grove, where he confronts Ruby (Lucy Lawless). The former enemies have to form an uneasy alliance as Elk Grove soon becomes the nucleus of evil. Episode two of Ash vs. Evil Dead's second season, titled "The Morgue", will find "Pablo’s grasp on reality is tested when Ruby reveals the Necronomicon has gifted him with premonitions. Meanwhile, in the morgue, Ash and Kelly discover Brock’s date might not be the warm body he’s banking on." Based on its popularity with fans (and solid ratings), I'd imagine that Ash vs. Evil Dead will be sticking around for a few more years, and Bruce Campbell recently told Comic Book that the magic number he's thinking of is five.

I'll take five! I'll take five seasons of this. Give the fans a big boost of the material; they'll have 25 fresh hours of the show after this, after we're done [with five seasons], and that's like making 12 movies!

Ash vs. Evil Dead airs Sunday's on Starz.

What do you folks think of the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead so far?

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