STARZ releases new video for Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2

I, like many of you, love the EVIL DEAD trilogy. For me, the biggest draw is definitely its star Bruce Campbell as the...well, hero is too strong a word...let's say protagonist Ash Williams. Campbell grafts an oversized ego (and equally over-sized chin) onto the character that makes Ash endlessly endearing.

Which makes it great to hear that STARZ has decided to renew the new ASH VS. THE EVIL DEAD series for a second season. Because, while I love the action, comedy, and pathos, I'm honestly just glad The Chin is getting more work.

So here's a new trailer to penetrate and pleasure your eye-ginas:  

In the second season, we see Ash going back to his hometown to confront his demons...both figuratively, and in Ash's case literally. It premieres on STARZ on October 2nd at 8 PM ET/PT. Groovy!

So what's everyone's favorite EVIL DEAD film? Mine's definitely 2 for sure, but ARMY OF DARKNESS comes pretty damn close.

Extra Tidbit: Bruce Campbell actually makes a cameo in the Fede Alvarez-directed 2013 EVIL DEAD remake. After the end credits, there's a close-up of Ash's face as he says "Groovy".
Source: Starz



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