Status on The Goon


I was pretty spunked when I first heard that Eric Powell's awesome monster/mobster comic THE GOON was becoming a CG-animated feature film, courtesy of producer David Fincher (FIGHT CLUB, etc.) and FX company Blur Studios.

Turns out that excitement may have been premature -- the remarkable renderings we saw the other day (above and here) were apparently just for test purposes. Blur's Tim Miller stuck the knife in the bubble (via the CGSociety forum): "The film is in early development- it has NOT been set up at a studio and isn't in production. Eric Powell is working on the script and we're doing visual development. It was our choice to get the film planned out before we try and get a studio involved. "Early Development" means concept art, some CG animation tests and the script."

So it sounds like it could be a long while before we ever get to see a fully rendered Goon and his pal Franky as they punch zombies and other freaks and beasts in a noir-styled world. Find out more about the book and collect some trade paperbacks over at Dark Horse.

Extra Tidbit: Miller says Blur is still "actively engaged" in trying to bring Fincher's revamped HEAVY METAL to reality.
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