Step Up 3D, baby!

Step Up 2 the Streets Check it - if you thought STEP UP 2 THE STREETS was off da hizzle good then you ain't seen nothing yet, foo! Peep this - seeing as how that bad boy raked in ridonculous benjamins at the box office, Disney's gonna go all out for the sequel and release it in 3D, baby! That's right, you'll get to see all kinds of mad crazy dance sequences in full-on 3D. They're gonna be, quite literally, comin'atcha! Three dimensions, mothafucka! They's gonna be X, Y and Z all up in this bitch! Can you handle it? Can…you…handle…it? Goddamn, I'm so excited about this, I'm about to break dance a gooey load all up in my pants, yo! No release date is set as yet but as soon as we know, we'll slide that shit your way ASAP. Believe that. Sheeit…

Extra Tidbit: STEP UP 2 star Robert Hoffman actually participated in the Baltimore underground dance scene to prepare for the role. Goddamn, that's one dedicated mothafucka!
Source: Variety



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