Stepfather remake...

When the STEPFATHER remake was first announced last summer, I was actually excited. I loved the STEPFATHER movies as a kid (as did our own Arrow who gave it 4 stars) and thought freshening up the concept for modern times would make for an entertaining movie. WRONG. Screen Gems is just looking to make another generic slasher flick. Proof in point: they've hired Nelson McCormick to direct. McCormick recently wrapped production on the Screen Gems remake of PROM NIGHT, which had one of the blandest scripts I've ever read. And guess who wrote the STEPFATHER script? JS Cardone, the same guy who wrote the PROM NIGHT script. Don't expect much from this people - you'll only be let down. At least we can still watch original STEPFATHER star Terry O'Quinn kick ass on "Lost" (and potentially win an Emmy for it this weekend). PROM NIGHT will hit theaters next April just in time for prom season. It's unclear when STEPFATHER will begin filming.

Extra Tidbit: O'Quinn was actually nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his role in STEPFATHER.
Source: Variety



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