Stephen Amell really wants to play Green Arrow in the Justice League movie

Green Arrow

I haven't seen The CW's ARROW so I can't vouch for Stehen Amell's portrayal of Green Arrow/The Hood, but a few of my friends who have seen the show say it's pretty good and Amell kicks all kinds of ass. But would the actor be down with playing The Emerald Archer in the planned JUSTICE LEAGUE movie?

Short answer: yes. The longer answer comes courtesy of an interview SciFiNow had with the Amell. Not only is the actor interested, he says he would "sweep the floors" after filming was done if it meant he could join JUSTICE LEAGUE. Amell went on to talk about how even though Green Arrow isn't a first tier character, his popularity could increase with a movie, just like Marvel's Iron Man:

I think that Green Arrow has an opportunity to mature in much the same way Iron Man did in the Marvel universe. He wasn’t necessarily a top level character, but because they made an Iron Man movie and it was successful, it vaulted him up and now he anchors the Avengers.

So does Green Arrow have a shot at JUSTICE LEAGUE? Amell believes so and thinks the recent interest in archery could help:

It’s always up to what’s popular at the moment. Right now archery seems to be having a mini renaissance, so hopefully he can settle into a firm rotating member of the DC Justice League of America.

The problem is what's popular now might not be popular (or at least as popular) in 2015, which is when JUSTICE LEAGUE is penciled in to be released. Another issue might be that ARROW's Oliver Queen seems to be very similar to Bruce Wayne/Batman. In the comics Green Arrow is a wisecracking ladies man but the series appears to have a darker and more somber tone. And if there's going to be a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie there's probably a 99% chance Batman will appear in it anyway, so would it make sense to have two characters in the movie who will essentially be bringing the same thing to the table? Probably not. If they keep the character's personality for the film like it is in the comic there shouldn't be a problem, but I think one brooding superhero in the group is enough.

Season two of ARROW will premiere on October 9th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you want to see play Green Arrow in JUSTICE LEAGUE? My vote's for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
Source: SciFiNow



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