Stephen King and Spielberg teaming up for Under the Dome Showtime series

It's not quite movie news, but when Steven Spielberg and Stephen King team up, it should probably interest a few. His DARK TOWER series may never get the film or TV treatment, but another of King's more recent series is getting a chance to shine on Showtime with some help from Spielberg.

The pair is combining to bring the 2009 novel Under the Dome to the small screen with a new series from the network most famously known for Weeds and Dexter.

In the book, a small town finds itself cut off from the rest of the world via a forcefield. It's unclear whether this will be a set-run miniseries, or something that would span multiple seasons, but the term "drama series" would seem to indicate the latter.

Dreamworks' TV division is expanding more and more lately, with three new shows alone this fall, Smash on NBC, The River on ABC and Terra Nova on Fox. Now getting into pay channels like Showtime, it's casting an even wider net.

What do any fans of the book make of this? Would Under the Dome make for a good series?

Extra Tidbit: I'm actually happy THE DARK TOWER fell through. There was no way that was going to work.
Source: Deadline



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