Stephen King's massive book The Stand will become a massive movie

Stephen King's DARK TOWER series isn't the author's only expansive work currently getting translated into an ambitious movie project.

Not content to watch Ron Howard and Universal have their fun with the Gunslinger, Warner Bros. and CBS Films are getting into king-size King business with a feature adaptation of his colossal post-apocalyptic novel THE STAND.

According to Heat Vision, "the studios and producers will sit down with writers and directors in the coming weeks in an attempt to find the right take on the material. One thing to be determined is whether to attempt the adaptation in one or multiple movies. King will be involved in some capacity."

King's sprawling tale of good versus evil follows the various survivors of lethal biological weapon known as Captain Trips. The diverse characters are slowly drawn together to take sides in a final showdown in Vegas.

The book was previously adapted in a 1994 ABC TV miniseries, starring Gary Sinise. Marvel has been presenting the story in comic form over the past few years.

Extra Tidbit: Guess there's no chance for a Flagg crossover with the DARK TOWER, huh?
Source: Heat Vision



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