Sterling K. Brown, Charlie Day & Jenny Slate are heading for Hotel Artemis

When staring into the eyes of Sterling K. Brown, Charlie Day or Jenny Slate have you ever seen the capacity for evil? Did the feeling ever strike you with sinister revelation that they could be, dare I say, super villains? You need no longer feel alone, as all three have just been cast in the upcoming super villain-centric thriller, HOTEL ARTEMIS.

The trio will join the already terrific cast including Jodie Foster, Dave Bautista, Sofia Boutella and the one-and-only Jeff Goldblum in the film from Drew Pearce (who scripted IRON MAN 3, M: I 5 and more) who is making his directorial debut.

The movie is about a nurse (Foster) who runs an underground hospital for super criminals, where they get patched up on the hush-hush so they can get back to thieving and killing. But things go awry when one baddie shows up and has plans to assassinate one of the other baddies. Which one? That’s the mystery.

Nothing is known about who the newly cast actors will play, or any of the other actors for that matter (sans Foster), but one can assume they’re all patients in this center for the villainous, each with special characteristics and hatred for do-gooders.

Overall this premise sounds fascinating and has so far lined-up up a pretty unique cast. All of these performers come from different backgrounds and have something interesting to bring to the table. I mean, all these performers could be some sort of Batman villain, so maybe this is all just a rouse to tease a ROGUES GALLERY film. Nah, probably just some silly original movie thing. Pssh.



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