Sterling K. Brown stars in Black Panther "deleted scene" on SNL

BLACK PANTHER is still shredding the competition at the box office as audiences flock to the world of Wakanda again and again. There’s so much more to know about the mysterious world, and a new deleted scene from the movie shown on SNL answers one major question: Do the obnoxious relatives that marry into the royal family get to pass on advice to the living? Turns out the answer is a resounding yes. Sterling K. Brown plays the great-great-grandfather to Chris Redd’s T'Challa (he plays the character's uncle in the actual movie), who seeks advice from his ancestors. But then there’s Kenan Thompson who plays his uncle, M'Butu, who just hangs out in the background trying to get people to eat his cooking. As well, he can't help but wonder, "Where's the weed at?"

Of course, what's an obnoxious relative without asking for some money, and M'Butu asks if T'Challa can "spot a little vibranium." Everyone else gets to ride a war rhino, while M'Butu claims he's stuck with an ostrich. Oh, Uncle M'Butu, what a rascal!

BLACK PANTHER is in theaters now!

Source: SNL



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