Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi have magical looking hair in this new photo from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

I want nothing more than to see THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE. After seeing these stills from the film, you may understand why.

USA Today released the first two photos. The first, which is at the top of this article shows Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, and Jay Mohr. As you can see, Carrey is looking like the "Criss Angel" type. He's probably a good blend of that and David Blaine. The second is one of Steve Buscemi and Carell is something of beauty. Look at that mullet.

Carell told USA TODAY about his experience with his new hairstyle, "This is a first, even in real life. I never achieved mullet-ness in all of my years. It's pretty fantastic, isn't it? There is actually a multitude of scintillating looks that I rock in this movie. From the mullet to the lion's mane to a frosted coif."

Apparently, the wigs were a central part of the film according to director Don Scardino, "This is definitely a wig picture. The hair budget was killer. Jim Carrey wears a really outrageous one."

My favorite part of the interview involves a comment Carell made about his manscaping. He will indeed wear plunging necklines, and show off his hairless chest and wonderful pecs. "That's among the most humiliating of experiences. To be in your bikini underwear and be sprayed head-to-toe in a glossy bronze hue. But this is a very self-centered, arrogant sort of a peacock and I felt he should look that way."

Expect an amazing rivarly between Carrey and Carell. They even got to train with illusionist David Copperfield.

THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE is due to release March 15, 2013.

The story follows, "superstar magicians Burt Wonderstone (Carell) and Anton Marvelton (Buscemi) who have ruled the Las Vegas strip for years, raking in millions with illusions as big as Burt's growing ego. But lately the duo's greatest deception is their public friendship, while secretly they've grown to loathe each other. Facing cutthroat competition from guerrilla street magician Steve Gray (Carrey), whose cult following surges with each outrageous stunt, even their show looks stale. But there's still a chance Burt and Anton can save the act—both onstage and off—if Burt can get back in touch with what made him love magic in the first place."

Source: USA Today



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