Steve Carell & Emma Stone are ready for tennis in Battle of the Sexes images

Emma Stone and Steve Carell have come a long way in the last decade or so, establishing themselves of two of Hollywood’s most diverse performers capable of broad comedy and intimate, award-worthy performances. Now the two actors will literally go head-to-head in BATTLE OF THE SEXES, a film about the famed tennis match between Bobby Riggs (Carell) and Billie Jean King (Stone), which just dropped some new images.

People got an exclusive set of photos recently, and the two actors look completely immersed in their sports icon roles, and the directors were on hand to talk about their committed work to look like two of tennis’ titans…two words which put together sound rather silly.

Carrell spent tons of time training in the game, and co-director Valerie Faris said that this movie pushed the actor to a whole new level.

Steve practiced with Riggs’ trainer. He told us he’s never worked this long for a movie.

As for Stone, word is she gained 15 pounds of muscle for the role, one she felt immense pressure to get right, with Farris saying “she felt so much responsibility to Billie Jean.” Co-director Jonathan Dayton was impressed with the actress saying, ”Emma trained like an action hero.”

As for the story about these sports legends facing-off, Dayton says it has stark parallels to the kind of gender gaps people feel still exist today:

This was a really important and serious time in the women’s liberation movement, and it was one of the first times that a political issue was acted out in the circus-like atmosphere. It just felt incredibly relevant to today’s time.

More detailed than the first images we got for the film (header), these two look ready to grunt and swing a racket back and forth. Though the match was a very important turn in the women's liberation movement, I can't see this being the kind of film fit for the "historical drama" category. Carell and Stone's casting leads me to believe this will be a light, probably funny sports flick with some drama flickered in. This is good, because we can at least have confidence it will be entertaining, if nothing else. Carell just looks too ridiculous to not be hilarious as the egotisitcal Riggs. Stone looks ready to bash someone with that racket, so seeing her kick his ass will be a welcome sight. Who am I kidding? Carell's mutton chops are what sell it.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES arrives with Carell, Stone, Alan Cumming, Sarah Silverman and Elisabeth Shue September 22.

Source: People



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