Steve Carell has mini Office reunion during SNL monologue

Steve Carell has become an A-list movie star and earned an Oscar nomination, but still, everyone is likely harping him about if and when he will do a reboot or reunion of THE OFFICE. Carell has said in past interviews why he doesn’t think it would work, but that will not deter the legion of fans. While on SNL this weekend the actor had to deal with some fan questions during his monologue regarding the idea of the reboot, all before series co-stars Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms and Jenna Fischer put in their two cents. Seriously, they want those fat stacks of cash.

Kemper was the first of the bunch to ask about doing a reboot, saying, “Let’s get that money, Steve!” Carell shuts it down, all before Helms stands up, telling him he doesn’t quite understand how much money they’re talking about here. When Carell offers an alternative, saying they should all just hang out as friends, Helms sends a knife to his heart by saying they already do that, and just don’t invite him. Low blow, Helms.

The biggest applause came for the longest-serving cast member of the group, Fischer (Pam), who was also the most aggressive. “Do you remember the last words that Pam secretly whispered to Michael as he left for Denver?” she asked. “She said, ‘Steve, don’t be a dick. Do the reboot.'”

After finally getting a harsh reality check from his real family in the crowd, Carell invites the cast to the stage, announcing once and for all that they were going to...have a great show that night. And that, ladies and gentleman, was the lowest of the blows.

Steve Carell's BEAUTIFUL BOY is in theaters now.



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