Steve Carell seeks Keira Knightley as his friend for the end of the world

What will Michael Scott, er...Steve Carell do after his run on THE OFFICE ends?

Deadline says that he will be accompanied by Keira Knightley in SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD. Lorene Scafaria will be the helmer on this as well as the screenwriter. Scafaria wrote the script for NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST and has also penned a few episodes of Adult Swim's CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. This will be her first time behind the camera.

The film, "takes place at a time when a giant asteroid heads toward earth, almost certain to destroy the planet. Carell plays a man suddenly alone when his wife leaves. His high school sweetheart writes him saying she wants to be with him when the world stops. His neighbor (Knightley) accompanies him on the road trip as love blooms at the worst possible time.

Sounds interesting enough. But would you really travel to meet the high school sweetheart if Knightley was right there? My thing is, the high school sweetheart didn't realize she wanted to be with him until the world's end? Bitch, you didn't want me before, I'm not wasting all my gas money on this shit. They probably wouldn't even have enough time to get it on anyway.

Extra Tidbit: Before Carell's departure on THE OFFICE, the writing wasn't so hot. In fact, I started growing disinterested before the end of season 4. Regardless I still kept watching for all the little moments. So when it was announced that this would be the final season for Carell, the writing got better. Will it be as strong when he leaves?
Source: Deadline



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