Steve Carell signs on to star in Magic Kingdom for Sale - SOLD!

Magic Kingdom for Sale - SOLD! book coverAs this article aptly points out, Steve Carell is set to star in just about everything these days.  But undaunted by concepts such as energy or time, Carell has now added another project to his pile of upcoming movies. 

MAGIC KINGDOM FOR SALE - SOLD! (their exclamation point, not mine) is a book by fantasy-genre-staple Terry Brooks and tells the tale of "Ben Holiday, a widowed lawyer, [who] finds an ad in a Christmas catalog for a magical kingdom. With $1 million to spare, Holiday purchases the kingdom from the mysterious Mr. Meeks and finds himself transported to the world of Landover. When he arrives, Holiday discovers that the kingdom is in turnover, and must unite the citizens and creatures of the world in order to stop an evil demon from wiping them all out."

The adaptation was written by Craig Wright ("Lost," "Dirty Sexy Money"), while Akiva Goldsman is on board to produce.  Once upon a time Stephen Sommers was attached to direct but he has since vacated that position, though it will surely be filled soon now that a star of Carell's stature is locked.

Steve Carell slice

Extra Tidbit: The are six books in total about the Magical Kingdom of Landover.
Source: Hollywood.com



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