Steve Carell tries to get back into funny mode in SNL promo clip

Steve Carell made his mark on the business of show by making us all laugh on THE DAILY SHOW, and then in movies like 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, ANCHORMAN and loads more. Now he’s an Oscar-nominated actor (FOXCATCHER), looking at yet another year of dramatic, award hopefuls like BEAUTIFUL BOY, VICE and WELCOME TO MARWEN. In diving so deep into these dramatic characters we can only hope Carell hasn’t lost his funny, and in a new promo for his hosting gig on SNL this weekend we find the actor preparing to make the big leap back into the laughing game.

“You’re kind of like a serious actor now,” cast member Aidy Bryant tells Carell. “Are you ready to do comedy again? Because this is a comedy show.”

Carell confidently tells her not to worry, for he is an actor, and actors always prepare. What follows is the thespian intensely, vigorously preparing to take on the role. He takes tons of notes before tossing the papers off to the side and reads famous books about becoming funny again once you’ve gone serious. He also tests some accents, and some physical gags, all of which will help him step into the skin of the “funnyman.”

Aside from his work as Gru in DESPICABLE ME 3 and a brief role in MINIONS Carell has been focusing more of dramas as of late, even if that does include the dramatic-comedic role in BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Even if he doesn’t do as much funny stuff anymore Bryant and SNL cast member Chris Redd will bring him back into the fold with their genius Dr. Farts sketch, a man who can’t stop burping. Tis truly the role of a lifetime.

Steve Carell hosts SNL this Saturday and his movie BEAUTIFUL BOY is in theaters now with VICE hitting December 25.

Source: SNL



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