Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon are back in new The Trip to Spain trailer

There’s nothing wrong with comedies where bridesmaids go out partying or hungover dudes run amok, but sometimes the best laughs are brought out of two people, perhaps sitting down for a lovely meal, and letting the hilarious conversation fly. THE TRIP movies, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, have taken this to heart by letting their two leads play off each other over delectable meals while sharing world class impressions. Now they’re at it again in THE TRIP TO SPAIN, and the new trailer is here to make your gut bust with laughter and growl with hunger. It really is a trial on the whole stomach area.

What's not to love about this trailer? You got delicious-looking food you can smell off the screen, two funny leads sharing impressions of Roger Moore, Marlon Brando and more, and Brydon giving Coogan crap about constantly mentioning is Oscar-nominated film PHILOMENA. These movies have gotten so much out of their simple premises, and like a great travel show with a charismatic host, there's always something to find enjoyable about them.

THE TRIP TO SPAIN is out now and you can check out our review here!

Source: IFC Films



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