Steven Spielberg in talks for Moses pic Gods and Kings

We reported about two months back that Steven Spielberg was being sought to direct the Moses epic GODS AND KINGS for Warner Bros. 

Now it appears that all that seeking has turned into talking, and it looks like it could be a real potential project for him soon. Twitchfilm reports that Spielberg is in formal talks with the studio to direct the film now that WAR HORSE and TINTIN are done and will be released soon.

When you think of an "epic Moses" tale, it's hard not to have your mind immediately jump to Charlton Heston's THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. The story is full of supreme epicness from terrifying plagues to natural disasters, and has blockbuster written all over it, especially with our modern special effects that have been upgraded from the 1956 original.

Also in the film's corner is the massive financial potential a film like this has. An epic about the story of Moses would appeal to both Christian and Jewish audiences, and the Christian half of that was responsible for the huge success of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which earned enormous returns despite a hard R rating. I guess grotesque violence is only acceptable in movies when it happens to someone you worship? Also, when you sub in Spielberg for the far more controversial Mel Gibson, and you have a potentially massive cash cow on your hands.

Extra Tidbit: Commandment #11: Thou shall not reboot my divine story to make a profit by exploiting my followers.
Source: Twitchfilm



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