Steven Spielberg sees unofficial Tintin credits on web, gives artist job on next movie

Remember last week when we posted those fan-made opening credits for TINTIN? Well if you thought they were pretty amazing, you weren't the only one...

Yesterday, Edgar Wright revealed that a Mr. Steven Spielberg saw the opening credits on the web, contacted the artist James Curran, invited him to last night's UK premiere and hired him to work on his next film. Whoa.

Curran, a London-based designer and animator, created the TINTIN credits on a lark and somehow they found their way back to Mr. Spielberg (JoBlo.com perhaps?). Curran created the video in just about a month's time with music from the original TV series. As a huge fan of the series, he incorporated elements from all 24 books, even if they weren't a big part of the movie.

So the lesson here kids is that you just never know who's going to see your work on the web. But Curran didn't do the work to get noticed. He did it because he's an artist and he loves TINTIN. So do what you love and that passion will come through in your work...

Source: Edgar Wright



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