Steven Spielberg talks Lincoln, says it's not a political film

We haven't seen much from Steven Spielberg directing-wise for a stretch, but with WAR HORSE, TINTIN and LINCOLN upcoming, we're about to get more of the director than we can handle.

Spielberg spoke to the Orlando Sentinel about the project, and had some new relevant info about the date and content of LINCOLN.

"Lincoln not a battlefield movie. There are battles in it, and being in Virginia, we have access to those historic battlefields. It is really a movie about the great work Abraham Lincoln did in the last months of his life. We’re basing it on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, ‘Team of Rivals,’ but we’re only focusing in on the last four months of Abraham Lincoln’s life."

I'm not surprised it won't be action packed, as from what we've known it never seemed like that sort of film. In terms of the release date, Spielberg has a very specific time frame in mind.

"The movie will be purposely coming out AFTER next year’s election. I didn’t want it to become political fodder."

Probably a good idea considering how toxic our political climate is. He doesn't want to read headlines like "Spielberg blasts Republicans for straying from their roots with Lincoln biopic."

Extra Tidbit: Maybe he'll get back to sci-fi after this and WAR HORSE are out of his system.



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