Stiles and Spidey?

Damn! The internet is crazy with SPIDER-MAN 4 rumors!

After we reported that Rachel McAdams had no f*cking clue about the Black Cat issue, now the long lost Julia Stiles is being thrown into the speculation game.

The fellows over at UGO Movie Blog say that Stiles took a meeting with a casting company in New York to discuss Spidey 4. Before you get all uppity, please take note that this is just rumor and that nothing may come of it. This is a very odd name to throw into the mix. The last huge thing that Stiles did was the BOURNE series.

I think it's getting hard to deny that a new female character is being brought into the story, unless I'm just totally off base here. Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and say it, Stiles as Black Cat? Her boobs may be on the smallish side (since that's important for some of you), but I'm of the opinion that she's still hot. Beyond looks, could she pull off Felicia Hardy? Sure. Is she my first choice? No.

Again, this is all rumor. But what if she is seriously in works for a part in the film? I don't mind speculation and rumors on upcoming comic movies because I sit at home sometimes having debates on which actors/actresses I think would be good in certain character roles. So, what do you think of Stiles as Black Cat? Or could she be someone else? I have a feeling someone is going to say something about replacing Kirsten Dunst.

Extra Tidbit: I remember the days of middle school (1995) and speculating an X-MEN movie. The only person I got right was Patrick Stewart as Xavier. I wish Psylocke had a better part. She is so sexy.
Source: UGO Movies Blog



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