Stiller replaces Spielberg?

It appears as though Steven Spielberg has officially given up his bid to direct THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7. Apparently he is not a gifted enough dramatic director, he felt he had to hand over the reigns to....Ben Stiller?!?

Not so fast. Although it is only in the preliminary stages, Stiller is in fact in the mix of directors looking to pick up where Spielberg left off. The film, which examines the 1968 riots at the Democratic convention and their aftermath, would be a departure for Stiller, who as we all know is one of the current kings of comedy. His oft-forgotten CABLE GUY is one of the most unheralded comedies of our time, in my humble opinion.

Another contender to direct the film is the much more obvious Paul Greengrass, but I think Dreamworks should give old Ben a shot. Didn't they see that war flick he directed for the first episode of Ricky Gervais' "Extras"? Powerful stuff.
Extra Tidbit: Sasha Baron Cohen was at one point attached to star in this film.
Source: THR



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