Stopping again stopped

Perhaps it's a sign from God that we don't need another Jan De Bont action film but production on his upcoming project with John Cusack, STOPPING POWER, has again been stopped. The film had previously been stopped over a lack of funds only to get a fresh influx of cash just a few weeks later. Well some of those investors seem to have wised up a bit and a portion of the budget has been revoked putting the halt on the film. The film, which returned De Bont to a SPEED-like premise, would have followed Cusack as a father forced to chase after a man who kidnapped his children in a RV. Listen, I tried to make sense of the plot but the lack of sense of the plot probably had something to do with some guy realizing his $40 million was best spent elsewhere. It doesn't appear at this point that production company Intermedia has any plans to continue on with the film at any time in the near future. Right now they're focusing on suing the pants off the former financier. Cusack still has a number of films on the way including GRACE IS GONE, THE MARTIAN CHILD and WAR, INC.

Extra Tidbit: De Bont was once scheduled to direct the prehistoric shark movie MEG for producer Guillermo Del Toro.
Source: Variety



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