Storks trailer gets back to basics on where babies come from

We all know where babies come from, right?

If you answered sperm and eggs cutting a deal to create new life, you'd be wrong... at least that's how Warner Bros. wants to present the miracle of life to young generations in the new animated film STORKS. Because when a young kid wants a new sibling and informs Mom and Dad of his decision, he goes about writing a letter to the storks to make it happen. The storks are out of the baby delivering business, but, of course, this one time... for this one kid... the system will fail itself as a newborn enters into the equation.

It's such a bizarre premise for a movie to begin with, but, then on top of that, for the film to add an additional layer of bullshit parents are going to have to undo down the line when it comes to sex ed and explaining the birds and the bees (or whatever euphemism you want to use), it appears to do more harm than good.

I guess this one is for the abstinence-only crowd, so to each their own...

STORKS delivers something to movie theaters everywhere on September 23.

Source: Warner Bros.



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