Stranger Things season two teaser hints at episode titles; will return 2017

One of the most surprisingly massive cultural events this year was Netflix’s breakout hit, STRANGER THINGS. The mystery show with inspirations from Spielberg films and Stephen King books immediately captured the attention of the entire planet. So, naturally, a second season is on the way, as Netflix officially announced today. The Duffer Brothers will return for a 9-episode run, which will debut sometime in 2017.

And here’s the teaser:

That’s right; with year before its release we already have a teaser for the second season. As you saw, the teaser gave us what are probably the titles of the second season’s episodes. This is the most we have to go on in terms of what the season will be about, but at least we have enough to visualize where season two will take the characters and the audience. It’s not much, but played over the first season’s entrancing music makes it enough to hold us over until we get a more revealing trailer.

STRANGER THINGS season two is set for fall 2017.

Source: Netflix



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