Strangers Part 2?

Universal-based Rogue Pictures is moving forward on a sequel to this summer's surprise hit THE STRANGERS and has brought back the original's writer/director Bryan Bertino to begin working on the script. It's hard to talk about a sequel to THE STRANGERS without even unintentionally hinting at spoilers so if you haven't seen the film yet, just know that there's a sequel in the works and it's unclear if Bertino will return to direct.

BEGIN SPOILERS - Variety notes that the "expectation" is that Liv Tyler will return for the sequel along with the actors who played the killers in the film (though they essentially could be replaced rather easily). Not sure how they plan to work the sequel considering at the beginning of the film there is a title card that says the events that transpire in the movie are "not entirely known." Does Tyler skip the police and instead go on a KILL BILL style quest for revenge? ... END SPOILERS

Rogue is hoping to get production underway early in 2009. Bertino is working on a number of other projects, including BLACK and ALONE, but both are for Rogue and I'm sure the studio would be willing to put those on the backburner to get a sequel moving ahead.

Extra Tidbit: This was such a great poster for the movie but Rogue for some reason tried to bury it.
Source: Variety



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