Strapped for cash, Jack Black gets a Bailout

While Jack Black is at Cannes promoting KUNG FU PANDA 2, he's also there wheelin and dealin. Black has signed on to star in BAILOUT, an upcoming comedy directed by Michael Winterbottom, who last directed the decided unfunny THE KILLER INSIDE ME. The comedy is pre-selling at Cannes with hopes to begin filming this August.

In the film, Black would star as a reporter who gets laid off, is deep in debt, suspects his wife is having an affair and generally going through a mid-life crisis. One night while making a trip to 7-11 for milk, he gets the bright idea to start selling weed on the side. As it often does, hilarity ensues.

BAILOUT is based on the novel "The Financial Lives of the Poets" by Jess Walter (and it gets its title because the lead character loses his money on a website that mixes poetry and financial advice).

Black can be seen next in THE BIG YEAR with Steve Martin and Joel McHale and has a bit part in THE MUPPETS later this year.

Source: Variety



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