Sucker Punch art

Sucker Punch Tee

Zach Snyder is playing a bit of a vicious trick on the movie geek community: he's making us anticipate a movie with...Vanessa Hudgens! Fans of 300 and the WATCHMEN movie won't mind though, anything remotely visual regarding Zack Snyder's upcoming SUCKER PUNCH is worth tearing off someone's back!

Folks lucky enough to make their way into WATCHMEN's DVD panel at Comic Con were treated to one special piece of goody, a T-shirt with what I assume is the look of the film's main character, with a little something that reminds of Terry Gilliam mashed up with Tim Burton and a dash of Tarantino.

Nothing else was revealed at the con about the film, Snyder's first completely original offering. Because that's really the way to go when Hudgens headlines your film... To be fair, there's also Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning. The film, tagged as "Alice in Wonderland with Machine Guns", whatever THAT means, follows a mistreated stepdaughter through a fantasy world of her own as she plans to escape from imprisonment in a mental institution. Is it me or are there just too many dark Alice projects lately?

Extra Tidbit: In 2007, EW ranked Snyder one of the 50 smartest people in Hollywood. Proof? He turned down directing WOLVERINE...



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