Sucker Punch gets animated for new inexplicable short

I don't get SUCKER PUNCH.

Believe me, I'm a huge Zack Snyder apologist, as I love 300 in all it's absurd macho glory, and I thought he did a fine job with WATCHMEN and I LIKED his changed ending. But SUCKER PUNCH? I just don't get it.

I suppose I'm just going to have to wait and see the actual film which will hopefully clear up my confusion, but the whole INCEPTION-ish escaping into the mind where crazy things happen in order to produce real world results via finding maps and keys and lighters and such, isn't really made clear in the trailer, and the whole thing looks like a parody of a Zack Snyder film.

I will say these dreams full of hot women and gunfire more closely resemble mine than the ones from INCEPTION, which often look suspiciously like everyday life, but I'm holding my breath on how this project actually turns out, as it's not doing the best job of letting people know exactly what the hell is going on with these trailers.

This short animated film attempts to create a fragment of backstory. We see the birth of one of the masked soldiers the girls fight in the trailer who are apparently robo-zombies, fashioned from human dead soldiers. Do figments of one's imagination need a backstory?

I don't get SUCKER PUNCH. Watch the video.

Extra Tidbit: It looks like FANTASIA for adults.
Source: Apple



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