Summer body count

Movies to me have always been about rebirth, new beginnings, and the grandeur of life. So when the twisted mofos over at EW.com go ahead and set up a SUMMER MOVIE BODY COUNT, I cringe, just a little. Where do they get off glorifying what has to be the hardest part about movie-watching, seeing a character you’ve invested so much in suddenly peace the f*ck out? Do they think watching people get stabbed, beheaded, gassed in the thousands, or getting strangled by one of Davy Jones’ tentacles is something to glorify, by tallying all the deaths in this year’s summer movies? Not only that, but by describing those deaths as well? Sure it’s all fun and games now when you can put a method of death as being “bowled over by the Sandman.” But what will they do after HOSTEL 2 comes out, “strangled by own tongue?” That’s a little morbid for my taste. Anyway, if any of you are so inclined, you should check out the countdown, which is currently at 15, 776 (thanks to those mass-murdering bastards in 28 WEEKS LATER) by clicking on the link above. But personally speaking, I’m more of a ‘teenage girl who solves mysteries while dealing with the all the hardships of growing up’ kind of guy. On a completely unrelated note, NANCY DREW is released on June 15.
Extra Tidbit: Never grow up Emma Roberts!
Source: EW.com



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