Super Wachowskis?

Wachowski Bros. Whoa, mama, talk about a rumor coming completely out of left field to rock our balls off. A scooper for "AICN" recently wrote in to inform Harry and co. that not only has Bryan Singer opted not to return for the SUPERMAN sequel MAN OF STEEL in order to work on his LOGAN'S RUN remake but Warner Bros. is now considering the goddamn Wachowski Bros. to reboot the franchise. And not only that but they'd be tasked with creating a story that spans a trilogy. The Wachowski's apparently had a PLASTIC MAN adaptation lined up but that's been postponed indefinitely so it's conceivable that they could get to work on rebooting the last son of Krypton. Wow, this is just…wow. Not good wow or bad wow. Just a very dazed and confused wow. This could go either way. It could be a ridiculously awesome epic action adventure that truly does justice to the Man or Steel or…not. All this apparently came from the Wachowski's frequent collaborator James McTiegue. Read exactly what the scooper had to say over HERE. And, please, strike back thoughts below.

Extra Tidbit: The Wachowski's wrote a comic book series titled 'Ectokid' for Marvel Comics' Clive Barker line of books.
Source: EW.com



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