SuperFly remake gets slick, stylish first teaser trailer

The 1972 SUPERFLY is a hallmark of the blaxploitation era of filmmaking, encapsulating the style, vibe, and sound of the era. Now the remake from Director X hopes to bring it to the modern era with a slick look and hip-hop beats, and you can get a taste of his creation with the first teaser trailer. Trevor Jackson stars as Youngblood Priest, a man with style, determination and a hairdo that must be a conversation starter at parties.

The movie has an all-star cast, including Jason Mitchell, Lex Scott Davis, Andrea Londo, Jacob Ming-Trent, and Omar Chapparo, Big Boi and Michael K. Williams. As for the location, the movie will move from Harlem in the '72 version to Atlanta, with rap star Future will be producing the movie’s soundtrack. 

This isn't a ton to go on, but from a visual standpoint the movie looks exceptional, and as long as it can tell an engaging, modern crime story in there then this could be a worthy remake to the classic original. At the least, it will be a long, violent, sexually explicit music video

SUPERFLY arrives June 15.

Source: Sony



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