Superman in League?

Warner Bros. recently announced plans to make a live-action JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, but didn't spill any details beyond that. Such as: which inhabitants of the DC Comics universe (owned by WB, FYI) would make the roster? After all, the most recognizable members have either already had their own feature films (BATMAN, SUPERMAN, James Cameron's AQUAMAN), or the studio has been struggling to launch them (FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, WONDER WOMAN, even the goddamn WONDER TWINS). Which leaves a few hundred B- through Z-grade characters to fill the ranks.

But now Moviehole is hearing that the Last Kryptonian himself may lead them after all. Warner Bros. is apparently considering -- and that's all it is at this point -- using the Man of Steel as the JL anchor instead of throwing more of their seemingly infinite cash (they blew $100 million on friggin' CATWOMAN, after all) at another solo Supes movie. Adding merit to the rumor: Bryan Singer is off at another studio making a thriller. Also, SUPERMAN RETURNS was a bit of a box office disappointment, as well as kind of a big blue bore.

Either way, the writers are faced with some Brainiac-level logistical issues. Which characters can/will they use? And who will be the villain(s)? And considering how much emphasis is placed on origin stories in superhero movies, how will they introduce all the characters? And... how much money will this thing cost?!?

Extra Tidbit: The Justice League has already come to "life" in a few incarnations: the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED series, a "team-up" episode of SMALLVILLE, and the wonderfully terrible unaired (but often bootlegged) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA television pilot.
Source: Moviehole.net



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