"Superman" lives!!

The rumors were first reported over at Coming Attractions (credit where credit is due) and today they were confirmed by Variety - Director McG (CHARLIE'S ANGELS) has officially signed to direct a new SUPERMAN film. Can I get a hallelujah from the congregation?! On top of that was confirmation that the writer/creator of the hit ABC show "Alias," JJ Abrams, will write the script for the film. While I hesitate to get my hopes up (so many directors/writers have tried before to get SUPERMAN off the ground), it's promising to see some kind of official movement on a new SUPERMAN movie.

Both McG and Abrams plan to start with a completely clean slate, not relying at all on any previous scripts or plans for the film (including Kevin Smith's SUPERMAN LIVES script). This may still be sometime off yet with ANGELS 2 up first a film that isn't scheduled for release until June, 2003. So we may have to wait until 2004 (at the earliest?) to finally see this incarnation of Supes, but hopefully it'll be well worth the wait. There was no mention of the Wolfgang Peterson (THE PERFECT STORM) developed WORLD'S FINEST that would feature both Batman and Superman in one film. (p.s. - for anybody who's ever been to a Kevin Smith speaking engagement - Jon Peters is still producing so there is a chance we'll see Superman fighting polar bears at the Fortress of Solitude... :))

Source: Variety
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