Superman on trial

I had assumed that a sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS was languishing because that movie was exorbitantly costly and barely - if at all - profitable (not to mention fairly dull, unless you're a big fan of heavy lifting), but could potential litigations have the Man of Steel shackled in courtroom Kryptonite?

Online veteran Patrick Sauriol has been keeping an eyeball on the building case, and notes that Bryan Singer has even been called to deliver deposition. The crux of the matter? Ownership rights of the character, of course... and all the riches that implies. Relatives of Superman's creators want a 50% stake in everything with a big red 'S', which obviously could impact everything from SMALLVILLE to the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie that the studio is so hot to get rolling. An interesting nibble for a slow news day.

The trial (read more RIGHT HERE) is actually set to begin in January, some time after a new actor has theoretically agreed to wrap himself in the skintight super body sock for the JLA flick, but before cameras roll. Maybe they'll have to substitute someone like Red Tornado or Mister Terrific and just hope nobody notices...
Extra Tidbit: Rumor has it that producer Jon Peters wanted Superman to fight a giant spider way back when Tim Burton was on the project. Peters eventually had his "vision" brought to screens in WILD WILD WEST.
Source: UGO



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