Supreme Leader Snoke's enormous Mega Star Destroyer revealed

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Supreme Leader Snoke

Size apparently does matter in The First Order's eyes, as their ships and weaponry have been taking things to a ridiculously huge level. You thought the Death Star was big? Welcome to Starkiller Base, bitches! Oh, you thought the Super Star Destroyer was massive? Well screw you, here's the Mega Star Destroyer! That's right, STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI will introduce us to Supreme Leader Snoke's (Andy Serkis) Mega Star Destroyer, which is called The Supremacy. Thanks to a handful of images from the app used to control Sphero's new droid toy, BB-9E, we've got out first real look at The Supremacy as well as a few tidbits on what it can do.

"The Supremacy is the main ship of Supreme Leader Snoke. This massive ship is 60 kilometers in length and is the sole Mega-class Star Destroyer."

"Snoke kept the Supremacy hidden in galactic obscurity by residing in the Unknown Region's star sytems."

"The Supremacy is the central command headquarters for the First Order's fleet, serving a dual purpose as a massively scaled battleship. This colossal ship not only carries Stormtroopers into battle, it also harbors ships and can build and fix ships on board."

"The main command bridge sits atop a massive structure located at the center of the Supremacy. The Command bridge allows for 360 degree views, allowing for lookouts to see everything over the city-like structures that line the wing of this colossal ship."

Just to give you an idea of how massive The First Order's new vessel is, a typical Star Destroyer measures anywhere from 1-3 km, with a Super Star Destroyer coming in around 19-20 km. Compared to The Supremacy's 60km length, well, let's just say that the Empire's former starships weren't dropping their shorts in the locker room around Supremacy. God damn!

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI will hit theaters on December 15, 2017.

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