Surprise! Iron Man 2 will be in IMAX

I know most of you have been waiting on pins and needles for this news. Yes, IRON MAN 2 will be seen on the IMAX screens.

So if you want a good look at Scarlett Johannson's giant breasts, you got it! The film will open in IMAX theaters simultaneously with the worldwide release on May 7th.

After viewing the trailer, this is a definite see on that big ass screen, especially to watch Iron Man and War Machine in an epic battle. It looks like Favreau might really out do himself with the sequel. I think what I'm really interested in seeing is Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. That guy just does no wrong in my opinion.

While 3D technology is wowing audiences with the release of AVATAR, I don't know that I could take IRON MAN 2 in 3D. Stark would be flying all around and it would be very likely that I would spew. So I think for now I'll just stick with the IMAX boobs.

Extra Tidbit: At one time, Al Pacino was considered for the role of Justin Hammer.
Source: THR



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