Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage has been renewed for a second season

Marvel has been taking over the Netflix arena just as successfully as the cinematic one, with each show getting bigger and bigger. This September saw the release of its newest program, LUKE CAGE, and the internet literally broke. Though more shows are on the way, many have been wondering if Cage (Mike Colter) will get his own outing again, outside of the upcoming team-up event, THE DEFENDERS. We now have the answer to that question, and it comes from the most reliable source in all of news: Twitter.

Today a short teaser dropped via the LUKE CAGE page, and it was announced that CAGE would indeed be returning for a second season, with the post fit with the caption “Always forward.” See for yourself if you don’t believe me. But you should always believe me. I'm kind of awesome.

There's no other news regarding the show's return, including returning characters, possible team-ups, villains or a release date, but I’m sure we will get a better sense of what’s to come after the release of DEFENDERS next fall.

When I started watching CAGE I thought it had potential to be the best Marvel/Netflix show yet, thanks to a great cast of characters, and a gritty tone and location. However, though the show was always good it began to feel monotonous after a while, and by the end I was just excited to be at the finale. But that’s just me, as most fans loved the show and it received critical acclaim. I am excited to see where they go with the character, but if I must be sent out to sea based on my opinions regarding the first season, so be it. I accept my fate.

You can catch LUKE CAGE on Netflix with Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali, Rosario Dawson and more now.

Source: TwitterDeadline



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