SyFy releases full trailer for Happy!

So, I've expressed my excitement for SyFy's upcoming series HAPPY! a few times on this site. I just love the idea of clashing two tones - that of hard-boiled crime noir and whimsical family fare - and the results seem to be working. It's basically an R-Rated WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? to a certain extent. It also doesn't hurt that it's based on a pretty good graphic novel by Grant Morrison.

However, despite my gushing, I do have some reservations. For one, I was kind of hoping the hitman stuff would be more serious, so the clash with meeting Happy the Horse would be more jarring. Also the poop joke was lame. Having said all that, though, I'm still all in. I loved CRANK, and Christopher Meloni seems to be killing it in the down-and-out hitman role, coming off likeable and relatable even while growsing melodramatically or dancing with half his head gushing out blood. And who doesn't love Patton Oswalt?

Anyway, HAPPY! will premiere on SyFy December 6th!

Extra Tidbit: Did you Schmoes have an imaginary friend growing up? If so, what were they?
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