Sylvester Stallone confirms that Walter Hill will be directing Headshot

If you're a guy and you want your testicles to double in size, go back and watch the testosterone-laden films of the great Walter Hill (48 HRS., SOUTHERN COMFORT, THE WARRIORS, THE DRIVER).

And appropriately enough, the news today is that iconic tough guy Sylvester Stallone (THE EXPENDABLES, RAMBO) has officially locked down Hill as the director for the cop drama HEADSHOT. Here's Sly dishing the news to Harry Knowles at AICN:

"It's official. We've got Walter Hill on board so would love for you to let the world know. We've been on the same track since The Driver, then 48 Hrs didn't happen so here we are almost 35 years later, I'm finally driving with Walter Hill."

As Harry points out, it's kind of mind-boggling to imagine that Stallone could've been in either 48 HRS. or THE DRIVER, two very awesome films of their era.

Back to HEADSHOT - the project just last week lost its original director Wayne Kramer (CROSSING OVER, THE COOLER) due to creative differences, which led many to wonder if Stallone would be getting in the director's chair himself. Would the film now become a Stallone vanity project? Shortly afterwards, however, Deadline revealed that Walter Hill was one of several directors that Stallone was considering for the gig:

"I completely respect Walter's incredible body of work and hopefully this legendary director will become attached to the project."

Sly got his wish and now it seems that the film, from Oscar-nominated writer Alessandro Camon (THE MESSENGER), may once again be a respectable dramatic vehicle for the actor, as well as a much-welcomed big screen return for Walter Hill.
Extra Tidbit: Hill was also involved with the ALIEN series as both a writer and a producer, and more recently with HBO's "Deadwood".



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