Sylvester Stallone says that he would pass the Rambo torch to Ryan Gosling

Sylvester Stallone will be returning as Rocky Balboa in the upcoming CREED, which will see Rocky passing the torch, as it were, to Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed. We already know that the studio is planning on more sequels featuring Michael B. Jordan should CREED prove successful, but is it possible that other Stallone characters could pass along their responsibilities to a younger counterpart in future films?

While doing press for CREED, Stallone was asked to choose which actors he would pass his iconic roles down to; when it came to John Rambo, Stallone revealed that Ryan Gosling would be his choice, but admitted that it was an odd one.

Cinema Blend sat down with Ryan Gosling a few days afterwards and cued a surprised Gosling in on Stallone's reveal. Gosling said "that is incredible, he's one of my favourite actors. Just the fact that he knows my name is exciting. He's just the best, I'm genuinely touched that he said that." A new Rambo film is in the works, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, which is said to feature Stallone's character facing off against a Mexican drug cartel. Could there be room in the film for a younger character to take on the mantle of Rambo, especially if this really will be the final Sylvester Stallone Rambo film?

Sound off below, would you like to see Stallone pass the torch to Ryan Gosling?

Source: TwitterCinema Blend



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