Sylvester Stallone tracks an amnesiac bank-robber in Backtrace trailer

In a little over a week, Sylvester Stallone will be reprising his iconic role of Rocky Balboa for CREED II, and it's hoped that the sequel will be another knock-out success in the long-running franchise. If you find yourself hungry for more Stallone following the release of CREED II, you'll be pleased to know that he'll soon return for BACKTRACE, a crime thriller in which he stars as a detective tasked with tracking down MacDonald (Matthew Modine), an amnesiac bank-robber who was broken out of prison by a group eager to recover the stolen money which is still missing. Perhaps pleased isn't the right word. In addition to Sylvester Stallone and Matthew Modine, BACKTRACE also stars Ryan Guzman (Pretty Little Liars), Meadow Williams (DEN OF THIEVES), and Christopher McDonald (HAPPY GILMORE).

The official synopsis for BACKTRACE:

After suffering a brain injury from a bank heist gone wrong, MacDonald (Matthew Modine) develops amnesia and is put into a prison psychiatric ward. Following his seventh year in evaluation, he is coerced by an inmate and a ward doctor (Ryan Guzman and Meadow Williams) to break out of prison and injected with a serum that forces him to relive the life he's forgotten. MacDonald must now elude a local detective (Sylvester Stallone), a toughened FBI agent (Christopher McDonald) and the drug's dangerous side effects in order to recover the stolen money all while confronting his past.

BACKTRACE will hit select theaters and On Demand on December 14, 2018.



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