Sylvester Stallone will direct The Expendables 2 after all?

After the physical punishment he put himself through while making THE EXPENDABLES, director/star Sylvester Stallone had implied that if the gang returned for a sequel, he wanted to hand directing duties off to someone else so he could just concentrate on slaughtering in front of the camera instead of multitasking the mayhem.

Sly has apparently decided not to bother getting a replacement, and will reportedly just do the job his own damn self after all.

Stallone was expected to make the cop drama HEADSHOT first, but after director Wayne Kramer (RUNNING SCARED, THE COOLER) departed due to the obligatory "creative differences", there was conjecture that Sly would take over shooting it. But it sounds like he'll instead get his green T-shirt and round up his mercenary squad for a different kind of shooting.

The EXPENDABLES sequel is expected in theaters August 17, 2012. Most of the surviving cast will likely return for further carnage, along with a new list of familiar faces ready for brief appearances and/or grisly deaths. Bruce Willis is probably going to be back as the guy giving them tons of trouble and random dudes to massacre.

Extra Tidbit: Director Walter Hill was rumored to be taking over HEADSHOT. He and Stallone almost worked together in the 1990s on a remake of John Woo's action classic THE KILLER.



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