Taika Waititi on What We Do in the Shadows sequel, spin-off & TV series

What We Do in the Shadows Taika Waititi

With the release of THOR: RAGNAROK now tantalizingly close, a great many more people are going to know the work of Taika Waititi, which means that there may be a few more eyes on WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, the hilarious mockumentary about a group of vampires who live together in Wellington, New Zealand. Waititi, who co-directed, co-wrote, and co-starred in the film with Jemaine Clement, has several projects related to the mockumentary in the works, including a sequel, a spin-off TV series, and an American TV series based upon film.

While speaking with Fandango, the THOR: RAGNAROK director revealed that they're "trying to develop a U.S. version of What We Do in the Shadows. You know, set here in the states, but a T.V. show." Adapting an international series for America has certainly worked in the past, but there are even more example of it crashing and burning. For every The Office or Shameless, there's a Life on Mars or The IT Crowd. Thankfully, this isn't the only WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS project Taika Waititi has in the works. Also in development is a spin-off TV series which will follow the two cops from the film, and production could begin soon. "We're also trying to start shooting in New Zealand. A spin-off following the two cops from the movie, as a sort of mockumentary X-Files [that takes place in] a certain small New Zealand town where they investigate paranormal activity," Waititi said.

We've known for some time that a werewolf-centric sequel to WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS was also on the way, but unfortunately, we may be waiting for quite some time. Taika Waititi spoke with i09 about the project, which goes under the working title WE'RE WOLVES, and although he confirms that Jemaine Clement and himself are working on the sequel, he admits that it's going very slowly.

It is slowly developing at the slow pace Jemaine [Clement] and I usually work, which is excruciatingly slow. So while we do these things on the side we do slowly chip away at that thing and write down ideas. But we usually write down like one sentence a month.

THOR: RAGNAROK will hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

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