Take a look at Detention, a time-traveling high school horror comedy...

Joseph Kahn hasn't directed a film since 2004's TORQUE but after a six-year layoff, the former music video veteran is back with his upcoming project DETENTION. It's been described as BACK TO THE FUTURE meets SCREAM and follows a 17-year-old who gets detention on the night of senior prom and a fictional serial killer starts offing her friends and there's time travel and Dane Cook. Yeah.

While it all sounds a little complicated at this stage, the movie is still in editing. Kahn is trying to stay somewhat mum to preserve the secrets of the film but did talk to io9 about the project. He says, "Its definitely not what you expect it to be," so don't expect BACK TO THE FUTURE meets SCREAM.

There are also some new pics from the film, one of which features Dane Cook looking very un-Dane Cook and the first look at the film's villain, Cinderhella.

I'm not sure I get where this is all going but I'm down with it for one reason: original horror. It may sound a little bit out there but a little bit out there sounds a lot better than another crappy remake. Click either of the pics below to head to io9 to read the full article with Kahn.

Extra Tidbit: The movie also stars the kid who almost was Spider-Man, Josh Hutcherson.
Source: io9



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