Take a look at Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst in these still from All Good Things

So if a movie has Ryan Gosling in it, does that make it automatically good? I never knew the guy from that one episode of ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? would end up being so damn good at his craft.

I'm also willing to let Kirsten Dunst back into my heart. It's not like she ruined the world or anything. Plus she's not a Jennifer Aniston or Katherine Heigl. I just want that cutesy girl back, not the one who always looks like a drunk muppet whose been out til 4 AM for the past week.

All that aside ALL GOOD THINGS looks like a pretty good flick. I'm really into crime mysteries, especially if they are based on a true story. We've gotten a poster, trailer, and a boobie scene from the film. With the release date 13 days away, we finally get some stills.

Check them out below.

Extra Tidbit: I know I've mentioned this, but if you haven't seen STAY please do so. kthnxbai.
Source: Moviefone



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