Updated: Take a look at this classic unused Wolverine costume!

UPDATE: Image removed at request of original source

I remember sitting in French class looking at an old Wizard Magazine reading a feature which was basically their casting choices for an X-MEN movie. This is long before one was ever actually thought of. I wondered if they would use the costumes I was accustomed to seeing in the comics. At that time the team looked like this:



I always thought they would use that costume or the suit below:


Turns out they had plans to, and luckily we get to sneak a peek at what Logan was originally going to wear in THE WOLVERINE. Thanks to MovieWeb reader Gil Brooks, Legacy Effects digital modeler and sculptor Adam Ross got permission to show off the unused costume that was actually made using a 3D printer. Here is the comment that Ross gave to the site:

"This is the costume that I modeled for The Wolverine. It was unused in the final cut of the film. Everything in the box is digitally modeled and 3d printed. There is no cloth or leather used in these parts, but rather texturing added in ZBrush. (Photo shown with permission)."



I've seen a lot of X-fans comment that costume would be kind of silly on screen. This is kind of hard to judge since we can't see what the costume looks like on. But I'm loving the mask and hope that one day we get to see it.

Source: MovieWeb



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